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Advanced Laser Technology

Advanced Laser and Acoustic Wave Technology allows for accelerated healing of injuries, acute and chronic pain relief without the use of opioid or other pain medications.

Acoustic Wave Technology

Utilizing sound wave technology Health Connections can reduce inflamation and speed healing from sports related injuries or just due to the natual aging process. Contact today to schedule and appointment.

Sports Performance

Health Connections specializes in sports nutrition and performance physical advancement for athletes of all ages.

Welcome to Health Connections

Tom Ferro: Owner, Founder, and Certified Laser Specialist

I Graduated from WTAMU, and Texas Tech with a doctoral degree In clinical pharmacology, and BS in biology and biochemistry with an emphasis on health science and human physiology

What we are

We are an advanced healing and performance company using modern advances in technology to radically improve athletic performance and daily functional performance

What we do and how it works

We use cutting edge laser technology to accelerate healing and improve performance.
Our advanced dual wave class IV laser supercharges mitochondria converting the power of light energy into chemical energy in the cells. This process leads to more energy within cells/tissues and inhibition of lactic acid buildup.
Ultimately, improving performance, enhanced general recovery, accelerated injury recovery, and injury prevention will result.

Our Mission

We desire to see young athletes and athletes of all ages maximize their performance potential by improving neuromuscular function , recovering + healing quicker, and staying on the field free from injury.
Also, those not playing competitive sports, our desire is to get you feeling and performing at your best in life (Life Performance). Live your life free from pain with more energy and ability to expand your daily activities.